How to Delete S3 Bucket Contents in CloudFormation

CloudFormation provides a language for provisioning resources in AWS. In a text file you can model and provision your infrastructure. And the service makes it even easier to clean up resources. We can specify our entire infrastructure in CloudFormation as a unit called a “stack.” And you create it with a single create command that includes the specification for the … More How to Delete S3 Bucket Contents in CloudFormation

AWS S3 Bucket ‘host’ header

The other day I was working with DNS delegation and I needed to test a subdomain being posted in AWS route 53 to make sure that I can use this DNS delegation configuration for future projects confidently. Here’s a link to a post from Amazon web services about DNS delegation. This helped me realize … More AWS S3 Bucket ‘host’ header

Hornet’s nest’s first ADS-B In equipped drone is now available!

Today I setup the original hexacopter I built with the uAvianix PingRX ADS-B receiver.  (ADS-B In) I will have more detailed videos in the near future.  Look for the red light on the device to blink when ADS-B data is being received.  This worked indoors surrounded by a steel building.  An airport was nearby about … More Hornet’s nest’s first ADS-B In equipped drone is now available!

I see ADS-B data

Thanks to the uAvionix PingRx ADS-B receiver, I can see data.  Using my Pixhawk flight controller (1st Gen) I was able to see my Ping Rx receiving ADS-B data next to the downtown San Diego airport (SAN) I will continue to work on integrating this and other sensors on my Pixhawk based drones.  Hopefully, my Ping2020 … More I see ADS-B data

Movie List

Hello All bookworms and movies lovers.  Here is a list of movies I promised to begin keeping track of. Straight Outta Compton Inequality for All The Rumble in the Air-Conditioned Auditorium Who Killed the Electric Car? Revenge of the Electric Car The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution …more to come Feel free to email … More Movie List