White Papers/Research

Outlines of my white papers and other written documents that I have created during my professional career and graduate education can be found here.  Artifacts are hosted using Google Documents and comments are welcome on each item’s respective page. 

Extended Range ESSM feasibility study (Evovlved SeaSparrow Missile)

Lockheed Martin support for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) countries operating the maritime Evolved SeaSparrow Missile (ESSM) as a SPY-1 RADAR engineer.  The SPY-1 RADAR is the primary sensor for the Aegis Combat System.

Related News:  “Sea Air Space 2011: Raytheon outlines growth path for ESSM

-Not yet declassified-

Ground Based Ballistic Missile Defense (BMD) system study (Aegis Ashore)

Relevant Lockheed Martin support for the analysis of a ballistic missile defense system using the Aegis Combat System.  I supported this work as a Systems Engineer and RADAR engineer.  This program contrasts a seperate Ground-based Ballistic Missile Defense (GMD) system initially deployed.  The program’s success will be seen over a number of years.

Related News:  “The Phased Adaptive Approach for Missile Defense in Europe

-Not yet declassified-

Two Practical Man-In-The-Middle Attacks on Bluetooth Secure Simple Pairing and Countermeasures

Outlining possible vulnerabilities and possible solutions.

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De-anonymizing Social Networks

Outlining the the threat to our future commodity-personal data.

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Open Wireless Networks on University Campuses

The intent of this paper is to summarize the observations and suggestions of the “Open Wireless Networks on University Campuses” IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers) paper and provide additional critical analysis of the related topics discussed.

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“The Fatal Frugal Flyer” (Final Project)

This (paper’s) analysis will consolidate the prior analytical summaries studying contemporary wireless security topics.

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